여성의 지식재산을 기반으로 한
성장과 경제적 자립을 위해

President's message


Korea Women Inventors Association assists women to
grow and obtain economic independence based on intellectual property by helping them fulfill their creativity, potentials and goals.

Improving women’s participation in economic activities is a vital task which Korea’s national competitiveness depends on. The National Government’s level of attention and efforts are increasing to resolve the issue of women’s career interruption.

‘Invention’ can provide women the opportunity of participating in new economic ideas and activities. An invention idea can be transformed into innovation and commercialization or the technology behind the idea can be transferred by obtaining its related intellectual property right. ‘Invention’ is not always something magnificent done by extraordinary person. Anyone can start with just ‘small invention’ which could lead to a better life, business, and eventually industrialized or commercialized transformation. There is always a way to find them and put them in the system.

We have conducted a “Women Invention Promotion Project (WIPP)” to help out women with invention and ideas. The Women Inventors Creativity Class is established where she can present her own creativity and realize her own ideas via ‘Life Invention Korea’ and also, earn intellectual property rights.

When one is about to proceed with a commercialization process, she can display and promote her developed products by participating in “Korea International Women’s Invention Exposition”.

Under the motto of ‘from idea to commercialization’, Korea Women Inventors Association has relentlessly found and supported women with unlimited potentials and growth abilities to help them become successful inventors and entrepreneurs.

Korea Women Inventors Association shall be with them always!

President of Korea Women Inventors Association SOONSUN KIM