여성의 지식재산을 기반으로 한
성장과 경제적 자립을 위해

Commercialization support for women inventors and entrepreneurs

MD Distribution Consultation Events

We hold consultation events where major distribution channels
in Korea attend to aggressively address the difficulties that women
inventors/entrepreneurs who, in most cases, run one-person companies
starting with little investments go through.

Consultation on Patent for Women Inventors

We support women inventors to let them know how to obtain and protect intellectual property rights by providing education and free-of-charge patent consultation on materialization, patent application, how to respond to disputes, etc. through the business agreement with patent & law firms.

Workshop for Women Inventors

By holding the workshop aimed at strengthening business capabilities of women inventors/entrepreneurs we support them to provide opportunities of utilizing talented business women, sharing their success know-how and establishing the human network.

Participation in Exhibitions

We support participation fees in local and international exhibitions by industry and item to help women inventors find markets and improve their brand awareness.